• TURM History
  • TURM History

The History of TURM OIL

TURM Oil, Inc. was founded in 1978 as an independent producer of crude oil and natural gas. TURM is a family owned and operated organization, currently operating hundreds of wells throughout Pennsylvania, including the counties ofAllegheny, Armstrong, Clearfield, Greene, Indiana, Jefferson, and Westmoreland.

TURM was one of the original 17 Founding Members of the Marcellus Shale Coalition, and has been exploring the Marcellus shale in Susquehanna County since December of 2007. We have drilled nine Marcellus Shale wells in Susquehanna County, two vertical, six horizontal, one directional. Turm supervised and engineered all aspects from building sites to fracturing and testing of the well post-frac. TURM has also partnered with larger operators in the drilling of multiple horizontal and vertical Marcellus wells throughout Pennsylvania.

TURM enjoys an excellent reputation throughout the Appalachian basin for being a fair and ethical Operator. Our 4 principals share well over 100 years of combined experience in the oil and gas business.

TURM maintains its business headquarters in Butler, PA, its field shop and office in Dayton, PA, and small satellite locations in Indiana, PA, and Montrose, PA (Susquehanna County).

TURM Oil, Inc. is very much a full service exploration and production company. We generate our own geologic prospects, oversee land and title work, organize investment projects, engineer drilling and completion, manage day to day field operations, market gas and oil, and distribute the proceeds to investors, partners, and royalty owners. TURM generally drills between ten and thirty wells per year with industry partners, as well as participating as a non-operator in dozens of projects throughout the country.

TURM performs geological, engineering and completion services for several other operators. TURM also owns and operates a fleet of top quality trucks which offer experienced fluid handling and hauling services for drilling, completing, and servicing wells.

TURM owns and operates many pipeline networks in and around our development areas. These pipelines allow us to access numerous sales markets.

TURM actively supports many charitable and educational endeavors in the communities where we live and work. A partial list of TURM’s charitable endeavors can be viewed on the Charities page.